Here's a video from our Music on a Mission fundraiser! We had a great time, and together with all of our supporters raised $2200! 
We're thrilled to announce that our Music on a Mission fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us; together we raised over $2200! We had a great time and loved being able to hear some great musicians perform. 
We enjoyed freshly made popcorn and delicious treats from Annie B's. One hundred people left with a new t-shirt! 
And of course, a special thanks to our artists: Brad Bennett, Rachel Marie Schachter and the Moravian Buns. We couldn't have done it without you!
Annie B Mission is so excited to announce our benefit concert on June 9th - Music on a Mission! We have arranged an excellent line-up of artists and can't wait for you to hear them play! Tickets are $5 in advance or $7 at the door. FREE t-shirts will be offered to the first 100 ticket buyers! To pre-order tickets e-mail Elizabeth at and request a number of tickets - you will be put on the pre-order list at the door. Refreshments will be available. We hope to see you there!!
                                                                              Always remember, you are loved.
Today would have been Annie B and my 33rd wedding anniversary. I thought that I would give an update on the status of the team and the Annie B Mission.
newlyweds have settled in. Matt continues to impress his ole man with his
diligence and determination. His first semester grades were astounding. He
called me up the other day excited about his first autopsy. He ran a marathon in
December i...n
honor of his Mom with pledges going toward the Annie B. Mission. Ms. Elizabeth
is settling into her new job as administrative assistant for the School of
Pharmaceutical at Wingate and likes it a lot. She is contemplating getting her
master’s degree or possibly getting a minor in accounting. Matt states that his
wife is a wonderful cook and he really is amazed and delighted at the continuing
changing menu.  
    Ms. Ashley continues with her very successful quest at
becoming a RN. Presently she is working on her clinical.  She is headed to Spain
for spring break.  A world tour is being offered for a male and female from each
Moravian providence through Moravian Youth Heritage tour (Unity Youth Steering
Committee). Ashley has applied for this opportunity. She continues to work
part-time as a CNA as her school breaks allow.
    Ms. Diana has graduated a
semester early with a BA in sociology and a minor in Spanish. She was honored
last month for her volunteer efforts during school.  She was awarded the Public
Service Scholar for the number of hours she has volunteered during the past 4
years. Diana graduated with a 3.5 GPA. Currently she is providing care for a
special needs child with a local Chapel Hill family. She starts her master’s
study in the fall
    As of January 31, 2013, the Annie B Mission has raised
over $20,000 dollars for the speech therapist program at Star Mountain. As most
know, a speech therapist was hired in the spring but ended up resigning to
continue her education, working toward her master’s degree. Having trouble
finding a qualified candidate, the Star Mountain staff has worked out a program
with the Red Crescent Society of Palestine. The society provided training for
the entire staff during December 2012 and is sending a staff person monthly to
check on Star Mountain’s progress. This is very exciting news having the whole
staff trained. Star Mountain has recently interviewed a speech therapist who
might be able work part-time. This position would be provided for by the Annie B
At this time I would like to thank all of our friends and family
for their support.
God Bless!
My name is Matthew Green and I am a part of the Annie B   Mission.  Annie B Mission is very   thankful this Thanksgiving for having the privilege to help such a great school with such loving and caring people.   A member of our team, Diana Green, has put together a wonderful video  depicting what Annie B Mission is all about and why we have been inspired to help Star Mountain.

This Thanksgiving season we are kicking off our  first official fundraiser.  I am  running a marathon December 8th in honor of my mom/Annie B Mission.  I am asking for support for each mile I  run.  This way, I am helping Star  Mountain with every step I take.   If you feel compelled to help this wonderful school please consider  sponsoring me for this marathon.   An example of how to sponsor would be to donate 2 dollars per mile I run
for the 26.2 miles.  This would  equate to a total of 52.40 dollars.   Annie B Mission and I are so very grateful for your  support and prayer for this ministry.

 Any checks may be mailed to:

Board of World Mission, North  America
Moravian Church
PO Box 1245
Bethlehem, PA 18016

It’s All About Love,
         Annie B Mission

A lot of thoughts flood my mind on 9/11.  This is the day that, two years ago, we lost my mother-in-law, Annie B.  We were devastated, just as any family would be when a loved one’s life is taken so young and unexpectedly.  Without a doubt, we are still healing.   But I find myself feeling strangely guilty.  While I mourn the loss of one, because of its personal effect on myself, there are thousands upon thousands mourning for countless others who have such a paralleling story of unexpected tragedy.  September 11 of 2001 for the nation and of 2010 for my family have made this a day that I carry a heavy heart.

However, these days separated by nine years have something else in common: a sort of rising from the ashes.  From our reeling and healing have risen patriotism, inspiration to live better, and hope that our strength and actions can do good for the future.  After September 11, 2001, families were closer and the country was changed by the sacrifices and heroic efforts of the Average Joes of New York.  And what has grown from September, 11, 2010?  The Annie B Mission.  The loss of my mother-in-law has spurred the creation of our mission to honor her memory by loving others with the same compassion that she would have.  Children’s lives half way around the world will be just that little bit better because Annie B inspired us to act.

So today, my thoughts and prayers are with the USA, my family, and all of those in need who await our help.  May God bless our nation and our cause.

With love,

Elizabeth Green

It's been a while since our last post! A lot has gone on in the lives of the the Annie B Mission members. We've had two college graduations, a wedding, a honeymoon, acceptance into a variety of educational programs, job interviews, new jobs, home renovations, and so much more! We've seen God work in a variety of ways this summer. We are so blessed!

The Annie B Mission assisted Star Mountain in hiring a speech therapist in March 2012. However, due to acceptance in a prestigious educational program she withdrew from the position. (Our congratulations to her on her achievements!) Nonetheless, Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center has begun a new search for a speech therapist. 

The next event on Annie B Mission's agenda is The Moravian Festival on September 8, 2012. The festival will be held at New Philadelphia Moravian Church (4440 Country Club Rd, Winston-Salem NC, 27104 ) We're going to have a variety of information and items (such as crafts) from Star Mountain will be on display! We look forward to seeing you!

The Team
As we continue to raise money for Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center I wanted to share some information about how important this ministry truly is.

A speech disorder impacts literacy development in many ways. A child must have a strong foundation with words in order to be able to properly apply them to form sentences. When this foundation has not been laid correctly, sentences usually cannot be formed correctly. This impacts literacy development because a child cannot skillfully alter words in order to create sentences. Not being able to interpret sentences correctly will impact a child’s independence, self-help skills, relationships, confidence, and learning capacities. Speech therapists contribute the tools needed to build the strong literary foundation for the children. The children can then use this strong foundation to contribute to their education and ultimately their world.

However, speech therapy is not solely about teaching someone to speak. It is also about building confidence and relationships. When family, friends, and teachers have difficulty understanding a child, it can compromise the relationship. Children need to be encouraged to explore, grow, play, participate, and develop. Communication difficulties can cause a child to feel as though he is not free to participate and develop like other children. Also, these difficulties can alter the child’s self-concept and social development. Speech therapy gives a child the confidence she needs to build relationships and to feel as though she has something to contribute to society. All children deserve an equal opportunity and this is what speech therapy provides.

I’d like to mention one more important aspect of speech therapy, programs specifically for children with autism. An autism program is one of the five programs currently at Star Mountain. About one-third of children with autism have language disabilities, which range from not speaking at all, to grunting, or echolalia (coping what another person says.) The specific needs of autistic children mean that not only do they need to be taught how to speak, but they also need to be taught how to communicate using the language they have learned. This is a task that is difficult for someone who is untrained to accomplish. A trained speech therapist will use tools such as exercising facial muscles, picture boards, electronic devices and more. Children with autism can also suffer from self-concept issues. Speech therapy is vitally important to allow them the freedom to grow and become the best person they can be.

In conclusion, We are so blessed to have Shafeeka Farsakh as a speech therapist at Star Mountain! We pray for her, the children, and Star Mountain as the speech therapy program begins to blossom. Please prayerfully consider giving to this important cause. 

“We want to hear the children speak.”
         -Ghada, Director at Star Mountain in the March 2012 edition of The Moravian Magazine.


What wonderful news for such a beautiful day! Star Mountain, after a long search, has finally hired a speech therapist, and the children there will finally start receiving the speech therapy they need. This makes it even more important for us to reach our goal so she can stay there as long as they need her! Please help us support this teacher. 

Here's the letter Steve recieved from Star Mountain:

"Dear Steve and the AB Mission team,
I am finally able to inform you that we hired a speech therapist. Her name is Shafeeka Farsakh, 23 years old. She was brought up in New York, but is originally Palestinian and lived several years in Nablus/Palestine and Amman/Jordan. So she knows fluent Arabic. She is a speech pathologist and therapist. She spent one whole week as a trial week at our Center and we consider her qualified for the job. She loved it here as well, and is immediately joining in the staff force. Initially we thought she will go back to the States to finish up everything and bring her stuff, but she had arranged everything in case she is hired. Her family will ship her clothes and needs.She will not live on Star Mountain. She will find her own house around us. We are finally done with this long hiring process and hope to gradually see our speech therapy grow.
Greetings to all of you and many thanks for all the efforts done till now for this cause.
Mabrook (congratulations) for everyone."

Annie B bore her cross with such great courage.

The Lightest Cross
"And he went out carrying his own cross" (John 19:17).
There is a poem called "The Changed Cross." It represents a weary one who thought that her cross was surely heavier than those of others whom she saw about her, and she wished that she might choose an other instead of her own. She slept, and in her dream she was led to a place where many crosses lay, crosses of different shapes and sizes. There was a little one most beauteous to behold, set in jewels and gold. "Ah, this I can wear with comfort," she said. So she took it up, but her weak form shook beneath it. The jewels and the gold were beautiful, but they were far too heavy for her.

Next she saw a lovely cross with fair flowers entwined around its sculptured form. Surely that was the one for her. She lifted it, but beneath the flowers were piercing thorns which tore her flesh.

At last, as she went on, she came to a plain cross, without jewels, without carvings, with only a few words of love inscribed upon it. This she took up and it proved the best of all, the easiest to be borne. And as she looked upon it, bathed in the radiance that fell from Heaven, she recognized her own old cross. She had found it again, and it was the best of all and lightest for her.

God knows best what cross we need to bear. We do not know how heavy other people's crosses are. We envy someone who is rich; his is a golden cross set with jewels, but we do not know how heavy it is. Here is another whose life seems very lovely. She bears a cross twined with flowers. If we could try all the other crosses that we think lighter than our own, we would at last find that not one of them suited us so well as our own.

Glimpses through Life's Windows     

From “Streams in the Desert” March 1st