My name is Matthew Green and I am a part of the Annie B   Mission.  Annie B Mission is very   thankful this Thanksgiving for having the privilege to help such a great school with such loving and caring people.   A member of our team, Diana Green, has put together a wonderful video  depicting what Annie B Mission is all about and why we have been inspired to help Star Mountain.

This Thanksgiving season we are kicking off our  first official fundraiser.  I am  running a marathon December 8th in honor of my mom/Annie B Mission.  I am asking for support for each mile I  run.  This way, I am helping Star  Mountain with every step I take.   If you feel compelled to help this wonderful school please consider  sponsoring me for this marathon.   An example of how to sponsor would be to donate 2 dollars per mile I run
for the 26.2 miles.  This would  equate to a total of 52.40 dollars.   Annie B Mission and I are so very grateful for your  support and prayer for this ministry.

 Any checks may be mailed to:

Board of World Mission, North  America
Moravian Church
PO Box 1245
Bethlehem, PA 18016

It’s All About Love,
         Annie B Mission

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