A lot of thoughts flood my mind on 9/11.  This is the day that, two years ago, we lost my mother-in-law, Annie B.  We were devastated, just as any family would be when a loved one’s life is taken so young and unexpectedly.  Without a doubt, we are still healing.   But I find myself feeling strangely guilty.  While I mourn the loss of one, because of its personal effect on myself, there are thousands upon thousands mourning for countless others who have such a paralleling story of unexpected tragedy.  September 11 of 2001 for the nation and of 2010 for my family have made this a day that I carry a heavy heart.

However, these days separated by nine years have something else in common: a sort of rising from the ashes.  From our reeling and healing have risen patriotism, inspiration to live better, and hope that our strength and actions can do good for the future.  After September 11, 2001, families were closer and the country was changed by the sacrifices and heroic efforts of the Average Joes of New York.  And what has grown from September, 11, 2010?  The Annie B Mission.  The loss of my mother-in-law has spurred the creation of our mission to honor her memory by loving others with the same compassion that she would have.  Children’s lives half way around the world will be just that little bit better because Annie B inspired us to act.

So today, my thoughts and prayers are with the USA, my family, and all of those in need who await our help.  May God bless our nation and our cause.

With love,

Elizabeth Green

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