What wonderful news for such a beautiful day! Star Mountain, after a long search, has finally hired a speech therapist, and the children there will finally start receiving the speech therapy they need. This makes it even more important for us to reach our goal so she can stay there as long as they need her! Please help us support this teacher. 

Here's the letter Steve recieved from Star Mountain:

"Dear Steve and the AB Mission team,
I am finally able to inform you that we hired a speech therapist. Her name is Shafeeka Farsakh, 23 years old. She was brought up in New York, but is originally Palestinian and lived several years in Nablus/Palestine and Amman/Jordan. So she knows fluent Arabic. She is a speech pathologist and therapist. She spent one whole week as a trial week at our Center and we consider her qualified for the job. She loved it here as well, and is immediately joining in the staff force. Initially we thought she will go back to the States to finish up everything and bring her stuff, but she had arranged everything in case she is hired. Her family will ship her clothes and needs.She will not live on Star Mountain. She will find her own house around us. We are finally done with this long hiring process and hope to gradually see our speech therapy grow.
Greetings to all of you and many thanks for all the efforts done till now for this cause.
Mabrook (congratulations) for everyone."


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